Boost Your Social Media Presence with 12 Trending Reels Songs

Kaleem Ullah・2023-08-11

No matter how good your content is or how perfectly you capture random moments with your camera, you can't keep your audience engaged without a good song in the background. Without a doubt, a well-selected music track that perfectly complements your reel's visuals can have a strong impact on your potential followers.

Also, it can be overwhelming and disappointing when you put in all the effort to optimize your reel's visuals, yet you don't receive the attention it deserves. To address that concern, we have conducted thorough research on trending songs that you can use to capture your audience's attention and keep them hooked. Furthermore, we will discuss the context for each song track we are about to introduce, so you can choose the most suitable one for your specific content.

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What Are Reels?

The concept of reels was borrowed from the TikTok app and has been integrated into other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, Reels enable content creators to engage with their audience through short videos, typically ranging from 15 to 90 seconds in length. Users also find these brief, captivating videos appealing, as they are recorded in both portrait and landscape modes.

Top Trending Reels Songs in 2024 (Jan 2024 Updated)

1. Makeba - Jain

"Makeba" is one of the most frequently used songs for Instagram Reels, with over 4.9 million reels already featuring it. Surprisingly, the song can be incorporated into various types of reels. Known for its versatility and relaxing music, it blends seamlessly with funny, travel, or transition-themed reels.

Find or save Audio here: Makeba - Jain

2. Dance the Night - Dua Lipa

A trending track from the blockbuster film "Barbie" has captured people's obsession with its music and the movie itself. Currently, the Barbie soundtrack stands out as a popular choice for Instagram reels, boasting over 855k features. Its relatable and engaging nature has propelled it to stardom on all social media platforms. "Dance the Night" proves to be the perfect song for Barbie's transformation and dance videos.

Find or save Audio here: Dance the Night - Dua Lipa

3. Daylight - David Kushner

A mesmerizing song by David Kushner has captivated social media, with its presence felt in stunning landscapes, bike rides, and travel videos. "Daylight" has the power to give your audience goosebumps and render your reels unskippable.

Find or save Audio here: Daylight - David Kushner

4. The Night We Met - Lord Huron

"The Night We Met" is a track from the popular TV show "13 Reasons Why." It is currently among the trending songs on Instagram Reels in 2023. Its emotional vibe makes it an excellent choice for reels showcasing relationship memories, throwbacks, dramatic scenes, as well as artistic and creative content featuring excerpts from books and relatable quotes. Additionally, its gentle and soothing aesthetic contributes to a sense of tranquility that captures the interest of a wide range of viewers.

Find or save Audio here: The Night We Met

5. Say it Right - Nelly Furtado

This classic hit from yesteryears continues to trend on reels, featured and discovered in over 320k reels. It enables content creators to effectively connect with their followers. Moreover, the energetic beats and captivating melody of "Say It Right" can swiftly grasp your viewers' attention, aligning with the ultimate objective of every content creator.

Find or save Audio here: Say it Right - Nelly Furtado

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6. What Was I Made for - Billie Eilish

Another track from Barbie Music Album is currently rated as the best song for Instagram reels. If you aim to evoke strong emotions in your audience through your reels, "What Was I Made For" is an excellent choice. It is perfect for reels intended to provoke thoughtful reflection with quotes and to touch the heart by highlighting lines from a book. Without a doubt, the melody and lyrics are powerful and will help your audience connect with your reels on a deeper level.

Find or save Audio here: What Was I Made for - Billie Eilish

7. Without Me - Eminem

Undoubtedly, "Without Me" is a fantastic song for gym workouts, personal development, and cinematic car captures. Furthermore, it has been featured in over 200,000 reels and remains popular. Utilizing it can provide your reels with a jumpstart and expand your audience reach.

Find or save Audio here: Without Me - Eminem

8. In The Stars (Sped Up) - Benson Boone

This melodious track by Benson Boone was released last year, but it is now spreading on the internet like wildfire! "In The Stars" (Sped Up) is filled with emotions, deep lyrics, and relatable feelings. This makes it a great choice for reels featuring quotes, emotional scenarios, sad writings, poetry, and more.

Find or save Audio here: In The Stars (Sped Up) - Benson Boone

9. People (Sped Up) - Libianca

The song garnered its hype from TikTok creators and has already been used by millions on the platform. However, it didn't just stop there. "People (Sped Up)" is now being featured in nearly every other reel. Moreover, it has become a beloved song, generating its own fanbase, and has also been included in trending Instagram reel songs.

Find or save Audio here: People(Sped Up) - Libianca

10. Hope to See You Again - Intent

Are you in search of the perfect melancholic background music? Look no further! "Hope to See You Again" offers soothing vibes with its soft and calming melodies, enabling viewers to effortlessly connect with the visuals being portrayed. Moreover, if you frequently share writings and quotes, this track is ideal for enhancing your viewer engagement.

Find or save Audio here: Hope to See You Again - Intent

11. Yes to Heaven - Lana Del Rey

"Yes to Heaven" has been trending on Instagram for a while now and can be used in couple's photos, quotes, and natural photography reels. Additionally, the song has been featured in over 70.4k reels, making it a great choice to consider as background music for your reels to maintain viewer engagement.

Find or save Audio here: Yes to Heaven - Lana Del Rey

12. Car’s Outside - James Arthur

The song "Car’s Outside" has been featured in numerous trending Instagram reels due to its captivating vocals and depth. This track is versatile and suitable for relationship-themed reels as well as poignant movie scenes, effectively eliciting emotions in viewers and rendering your reels irresistible. Additionally, it's advisable to incorporate specific segments and highlight the most compelling vocals that align with your reel's visuals, enhancing their watchability.

Find or save Audio here: Car's Outside - James Arthur


How to find trending reels songs on Instagram?

Content creators on Instagram need to keep an eye on trending songs to capture the attention of active users. Trends evolve over time, making it crucial to stay up-to-date.

Staying current with the latest music trends requires some effort, but these practices can help you remain informed:

  • Invest Time in Watching Reels: The optimal approach to identifying trends is by observing what others are creating. By viewing reels daily, you can easily pinpoint the most popular songs that are captivating users and keeping them engaged.
  • Conduct Research: While watching Instagram reels, take note of the audio being used at the bottom of the screen. This displays the total number of reels featuring that audio, providing an indication of whether it's currently trending.
  • Explore Trends on Other Platforms: Often, the songs trending on Instagram are also gaining popularity on other platforms like TikTok and YouTube. To simplify this process, you can explore YouTube's global trending music charts. These charts showcase the top 100 songs that are currently trending on YouTube. You can incorporate these songs into your Instagram reels to attract the attention they rightfully deserve.

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Why you should use trending songs in your Instagram Reels?

The reason why you should always use trending songs in your reels is that it grabs the viewer's attention immediately. Truly, users are more likely to watch your reels if they feature something they have been listening to, making your content more relatable and unskippable.

What are some tips for creating popular reels?

Creating popular reels requires creativity and engaging ideas to captivate users. Here are some top tips you can follow to ensure your reels go viral:

  1. Stay Current with Trends: On Instagram, users explore various topics, making it important to produce reels around trending subjects they have engaged with previously.
  2. Craft a Captivating Hook: Reels are brief, so it's crucial to create suspense and interest within the first few seconds to keep viewers engaged. Focus on those initial moments and present exciting elements from the start.
  3. Prioritize Visual Quality: The quality of your reel sets the initial impression, sparking viewer interest. If compromised, viewers might opt for reels with better visuals.
  4. Strategic Hashtag Usage: Hashtags play a pivotal role in making your reel go viral. Use them wisely; excessive hashtags may lead Instagram's algorithms to reduce visibility if users skip your reel. Opt for relevant and appropriate hashtags tied to your reel's topic.


Whether your reels are related to brand promotion, travel, featuring quotes or writings, transformations, or transitions, these top trending picks can help you maximize viewer engagement. Instead of spending time researching and selecting the right song for your reel, we've simplified the creation process. This way, you can concentrate on other aspects of your reels without the added concern of background music.

These songs are versatile and suitable for various scenarios. They will not only enhance your reel's visibility but also broaden its reach. No matter the topic of your reel, these songs will fit seamlessly.

So, why wait? Capitalize on these trending songs and watch your reels spread like wildfire! Let Eagle assist you on your content creation journey and help you maintain productivity and efficiency. Start your 30-day free trial NOW!

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