Top 20 Illustrators to follow on Instagram 2023

Vivian Chang・2021-10-05

Nowadays, the rise of social media offers new opportunities for designers, especially on Instagram. It's a great way to share your amazing artworks and get inspired at the same time by other amazing creations out there.

To help you learn more about this mechanism, and what and how they organize their feeds, I'll share a list of some awesome illustrators to follow on Instagram. Enjoy!

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Top 20 Illustrators worth following on Instagram

1. Bodil Jane

Image from Bodil Jane's Instagram

Bodil Jane is an illustrator from Amsterdam represented by Folio Art Agency. Her style is colorful, feminine, bright, and playful, which are obviously shown in her Instagram feeds, giving us positive inspirations while browsing.

She also takes Instagram as her working journal, making it a great opportunity to reach out to new cases and collaborations. "Instagram is the right social media for illustrators," she says.

2. Catalina Estrada

Image from Catalina Estrada's Instagram

Catalina Estrada's mainly working on pattern and illustration design. You can totally be impressed by her nature-inspired, colorful and complex brushwork, which grace everything from book covers, wallpaper and clothing.

3. Luke Pearson

Image from Luke Pearson's Instagram

If you're interested in character design, Luke Pearson's Instagram would definitely catch your eyes. He's an illustrator, cartoonist, and comic book artist from the UK who has produced work for magazines and newspapers, book covers, poster design and development work for animation. The Hilda series of comics are also his renowned creation.

4. Mia Charro

Image from Mia Charro's Instagram

Mia Charro is a Spanish illustrator. Her works are strongly affected by her loves toward nature, fairy tales, magic, and ancient wisdom. You can find her illustrations sold worldwide on art prints, home decor items, tech accessories, apparel, and more.

5. Berta Valló

Image from Berta Valló's Instagram

Berta Valló's work often explores themes of identity and female sexuality in relation to consumerist culture. Based in London, she's experienced with commercial, editorial and private commissions with a research based approach and passion for precision. Her works can be seen in several exhibitions. Clients she has worked with include BBC, Vice UK, etc.

6. Dinara Mirtalipova

Image from Dinara Mirtalipova's Instagram

Raised in Soviet Uzbek culture, Dinara Mirtalipova inhabited Uzbek/ Russian folklore that still influences her work. She uses a wide range of materials and tools, and she has been working with many great brands, publishing companies and ad agencies.

7. Sonia Lazo

Image from Hélène Baum's Instagram

Sonia Lazo is an illustrator and tattoo artist from tiny El Salvador. Her works is full of high saturation and bright colors, giving us a joyful vibe. Do make sure to check out her shops if you're being impressed!

8. Alissa Levy

Image from Alissa Levy's Instagram

Alissa Levy's works are cute and warm-colored, capturing the unusual everyday setting fo female characters, plants and animals. She is currently working from her studio in in her hometown Dortmund, where she creates her colorful pieces.

9. Justin Maller

Image from Justin Maller's Instagram

Australian artist Justin Maller has worked for the likes of American Express, Grammys, Dolby and Nike. His creations contain neon colors and some technical elements. This style has had a visible and lasting influence on visual art practice around the world.

10. Daniel Frost

Image from Daniel Frost's Instagram

London artist Daniel Frost depicts everyday life in striking illustrations, created with simple color and composition. His Instagram account acts as an online portfolio of his work, including shots of his latest editorial spreads.

11. Margaux Carpe

Image from Margaux Carpe's Instagram

Margaux Carpentier is an image maker and story-teller working mainly in London. She creates pictures using a symbolic language, so each piece can be read by all, in many different ways, bold and fun. She works on varied projects, from large murals, installations and paintings to detailed book illustrations, and even toys!

12. Jess Phoenix

Image from Jess Phoenix's Instagram

Jess Phoenix's design is mainly about flowers and bright colors galore, each of them are both lush and modern, and has been featured on stationary, bool cover, and more.

13. Rob Hodgson

Image from Rob Hodgson's Instagram

Bristol-based illustrator Rob Hodgson approaching his work with a curiosity of techniques. He is equally to be found rummaging around in the trash for unlikely materials, as he is buried in a computer working on new digital processes. His Instagram not only shown his design but also his daily life, and Peggy Sue, his cat.

14. Sarah Walsh

Image from Sarah Walsh's Instagram

Sarah Walsh is a 20-year-experienced artist and designer, with projects ranging from digital and conventional illustration, painting, pattern design, hand lettering, product creation, children’s books, character design and more. She collaborates with companies like PBS, Washington Post, The Guardian, Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster and Blue Q to name a few.

15. María Luque

Image from María Luque's Instagram

María Luque is an artist, cartoonist, and illustrator from Argentina. She has published The Painter's Hand, Transparent House and Painters News, for which she has received several international awards. There's an online class taught by Luque, strongly recommended to those interested in graphic novels.


Image from SAINER's Instagram

Polish illustrator, painter, muralist, graphic designer, draftsman, and street artist SAINER creates pieces of work that are often gigantic in size and beautifully intricate. Follow his Instagram account to check out his latest stunning artworks.

17. DailyDoodleGram

Image from Geffen Refaeli's Instagram

Israeli illustrator Geffen Refaeli first started the DailyDoodleGram project in May 2001 and has uploaded a new illustration each day ever since. His artworks are mostly done with minimalist lines and pencil drawing fix.

18. Jane Newland

Image from Jane Newland's Instagram

Jane Newland is an illustrator represented by The Bright Agency. Her creation captures nature, wild lives, and landscapes. Really healing and comfortable while browsing.

19. Adelina Lirius

Image from Adelina Lirius's Instagram

Based in Stockholm, illustrator Adelina Lirius owns a more childlike, cool color tone Nordic style. You can find her works in many picture books such as The Fort and The Secret Garden, etc.

20. Hélène Baum

Image from Hélène Baum's Instagram

Hélène Baum creates images by using watercolor and vector drawing. Lots of her works are inspired by mythology, nature, legends, and cultures around the world. Besides Instagram, she organizes a website as well, to show profession and behind-the-scenes in multiple channels.

To wrap it up

There are definitely more awesome illustrators who deliver great works that I'm not capable of listing all in these articles. Anyways, if you desire to have your products designed by illustrators or simply want to add spice up some magic to your Instagram homepage, remember to save this article to the reading list, and be inspired!

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