Discover 22 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts for UX & Web Design Inspiration

Dmytro Sokhach・2023-03-13

Instagram is one of the world's trending platforms for inspiration and new UX and web design ideas. The visual platform format has proven to be very handy for those looking to share their success stories, ready-made solutions, or workflow insights.

Here, you can find a plethora of engaging accounts for a variety of purposes:

  • Get to know the ready-made designs from the best experts;
  • Explore the process of creating a quality design;
  • Find templates and turnkey solutions for your projects;
  • Stay on top of new trends;
  • Learn UX & Web Design from scratch or upgrade your expertise.

But with such a wealth of choices, it's invariably tricky to figure out who to follow to gain as much value as possible. So, we've compiled some of the most fascinating accounts and web design inspiration sites for you.

In our list, you will find a wide variety of options: the experience of successful designers, tutorials, collections of ready-made solutions, prototypes, and much more. There are even projects aimed at training, including practical tasks and opportunities to get feedback.

22 Instagram Accounts Every UX & Web Designer Should Follow for Inspiration

1. @dailywebdesign

If we're talking about design, it's simply unacceptable to leave out the premier design community on Instagram, the @dailywebdesign project. This IG account continually offers the ultimate user experience ideas, the most exciting solutions, and tips for those who are still learning.

Today, the project has more than 570,000 followers on Instagram: most of them are engaged or interested in design.

2. Michael Korwin-Piotrowski: @dsgnr

Michael Korwin-Piotrowski is the art director of the project. On social media, he describes himself as an art, tattoo, and pug lover.

On his profile, you'll always find plenty of stunning artwork for your inspiration. These are photos, examples of successful designs, and details of Michael Corwin-Piotrowski's UX design projects.

Follow Michael's account, and you'll always have a source of inspiration and brilliant ideas. By the way, the account already has about 8,000 subscribers, and the number keeps growing.

3. Jessica Robbins: @uxmemo

Jessica Robbins is a creative and UX director at Saxum. In her free time, she runs a personal Instagram profile where you can discover some fascinating content:

  • Colorful notes;
  • Creative captions;
  • Useful ideas;
  • Web design concepts and more.

She posts many of her thoughts written on stickers, which also looks ingenious.

Today, she already has over 6,000 subscribers. And if you are on the hunt for new ideas, striving to develop creative thinking, or just looking for inspiration, join in and get a lot of useful content.

4. Giga Tamarashvili: @gtamarshvili

Giga Tamarashvili is a UX designer from Tbilisi, Georgia, known for his exquisite colorful design palette combining excellent taste with modern UI and UX design tactics.

On his account, Giga publishes creative design concepts. With more than 17 thousand subscribers, this account inspires novice and experienced modern designers to explore original solutions and helps them develop their design skills.

5. Sander Crombach: @sandercrombach

Sander Crombach is a product and UX designer from Amsterdam. His account is a great example of inspiration for people who see design as more than just a career path. Sander is passionate about art and design.

Much of his profile is full of:

  • Intriguing photos from his travels;
  • Examples of his design workflow;
  • The author's own completed solutions;
  • Links to inspirational articles Sander writes about product design and UX.

Looking for inspiration for a variety of modern design tactics? Sander Krombach's IG page is just what you need. You'll find not only inspiration there but also insights into how Sander works to create different designs, which is also helpful for your personal advancement.

6. Nick Buturishvili: @nickbuturishvili

Nick Buturishvili is another freelance UX designer who is known for his ultra-neat and stylish designs, as well as audacious micro-animations. You can see it all on his Instagram. Nick's artwork is particularly noteworthy because of his incredible attention to small details that are often overlooked.

7. Anfisa Bogomolova: @anfisign

Anfisa Bogomolova is not just an experienced designer but a superb teacher who makes learning UX and UI design simple, engaging, and even fun. Anfisa's humorous storytelling tactics reflect her cheerful nature and showcase her personal design achievements to more than 100 thousand subscribers.

In addition, Bogomolova teaches UX and UI at with more than 1,000 students.

8. UX and UI Wireframes: @uxconsultingapp

This account is run by J.J. Baker and is targeted exclusively to those who need inspiration and useful information on working with UX and UI prototypes. On this page, you can see the creative process of working on app pages, which is demonstrated through mental map posts.

It is a known fact that the account is managed by a few people. However, it contains some really valuable ideas. This page has become a source of creativity for UX and UI development with more than 40 thousand subscribers.

9. Jurgen Lecki: @uxjurgen

Jurgen Leckie is another talented freelance UX designer from Amsterdam. On his Instagram account, you can explore a behind-the-scenes view on workflow, prototyping, and the design process.

You can learn a lot about rapid prototyping and explore some nifty tools. The author also posts hand-drawn wireframes that he creates for his countless projects. You can find both inspiration and unique ideas on this account.

10. Nicholas Tenhue: @nicholastenhue

Nicholas Tenhue is the host of The UX Blog podcast. On Instagram, he runs a feed dedicated to UX design and strategies. On his account, you'll find:

  • Examples of the design projects;
  • Charts and other infographics that explain complex design concepts in simple terms.

Nicholas Tenhue boasts more than 9,000 followers on Instagram, which shows how valuable the information he shares is.

11. Lubos Volkov: @lubosvolkov

Luboš Volkov is a famous designer from the Czech Republic who is widely known in the professional environment. Luboš was even interviewed by Forbes and Dribble. So, his talent and professionalism are unquestionable. Luboš has more than 57,000 followers on his Instagram page. There, he shares his projects, ideas, and useful tips.

Today, Luboš Volkov is responsible for uniting the design teams, being the leader of Toptal.

12. Raza Shah: @lexshah

Raza Shah is an experienced and talented designer who has been featured in He is also actively involved in startups, striving to help new businesses create robust and award-worthy product prototypes with UX design and quality detailed user interfaces.

On his page, he interacts with his followers by answering the most popular questions like "How to make an app with a brilliant design" or "How to help users find the necessary info on a site in just two clicks.

On this page, you can learn more about the designer experience, spot valuable tips, and get inspired with new ideas.

13. is an account where you can not only find new ideas and inspiration but also demonstrate your skills. This account, which is run by Denis Hegemann, is especially helpful for beginners.

Denis Hegemann is always looking for talented people passionate about creative UX/UI prototyping and promotes them through his account with over 90 thousand followers.

14. TwoHabits: @twohabitsdesign

TwoHabits account is managed by Ilya Fedorov who seeks out, unites, and promotes aspiring designers around the world. The account has over 100,000 subscribers. There, you can find ideas, explore top-notch designs, and even become a project participant and showcase your designs to the world.

The account is interesting not only for beginners but also for experienced professionals.

15. Jessica Walsh: @JessicaWalsh

Jessica Walsh is an American illustrator and designer who owns her own creative agency and studio named Sagmeister and Walsh. The agency is based in New York City and specializes in bringing illustrative ideas into projects.

Jessica's Instagram account is a great source of encouragement and new ideas for people with creative minds and a desire to develop. On this page, you will find ready-made solutions, advice, and help in developing your skills in the design field you've chosen.

16. Alex Buononato: @alexbuononato

Alex Buononato runs two Instagram accounts, the @alexbuononato account showcases his personality, ideas, and preferences, and the @becreatives account showcases the creative agency he founded.

The combination of these two pages would be a great source of inspiration for any designer who not only strives to find new ideas but also aspires to become an entrepreneur him/herself, admires competent marketing, branding, and … truly loves coffee.

The Cadabra Challenge account on Instagram is a great choice for those looking to increase their UX Design Mastery

This is one of the most popular Instagram pages dedicated exclusively to UX design mastery. More than 17,000 subscribers have already appreciated the value of the tips and ideas compiled in the account.

On the platform, you will find:

  • The best pieces from designers and agencies;
  • New original ideas;
  • Exceptional examples of various solutions.

This platform helps newcomers learn from the top specialists, get into the specifics of today's solutions, and gain a boost for their own development.

17. Uxpiration

Uxpiration is another great project that helps you learn from the best designers. They collect the works of leading experts and examples of unusual solutions with brief explanations.

The impressive IG design gallery is a source of new ideas for professionals and amateurs.

18. UX/UI Wireframes

This account is exclusively for those who need UX and UI prototype ideas. It collects and updates ready-made prototypes in the form of graphic images.

19. @uitrends

Project @uitrends is created for those who need daily inspiration and new ideas in the field of UI and UX. It compiles:

  • Inspiring images;
  • Interesting examples;
  • Questions about design with responses from subscribers.

You can join the community, find new ideas, and help others get answers to critical questions in the field. The account already has 144,000 subscribers. The users not only comment and provide answers to questions but also interact with each other.

20. @gifux

This account specializes in examples of user interface animations. On the page, you will find only animated solutions for websites and apps. But these are the most stylish, thoughtful, professional ones. The account has 58,000 subscribers.

21. @cadabrachallenge

The @cadabrachallenge account belongs to the famous company Cadabra Studio and is intended primarily for educating designers. Twice a week, there are Challenge events where designers solve different tasks within an hour. Cadabra Studio has 3,000 subscribers.

On this page, you can self-learn, as many of the publications are tutorials (including those suitable for beginners). If you wish, you will receive various design-related tasks to be completed within an hour. Every Wednesday, on the account, you will find original tasks and direct communication.

The platform is perfect for those who want to improve their skills in illustration and interface design.

22. @humbleux

The @humbleux is an Instagram page of the famous website. The page is updated daily with a carefully selected collection of hand-drawn wireframes and customizations. It also reminds you that you can download more prototype and wireframe templates from the project's website.


We did our best to collect the most popular and ingenious IG pages of famous designers, as well as specialized projects for inspiration, education, and promotion of talented designers.

However, Instagram's potential is, of course, not limited to this. You can find even more exciting accounts. Read comments and explore creative ideas as it will help your own professional advancement.

If you are a newbie, you should learn more about other people's experience first and only then become an active member of the community. Remember that thanks to comments on popular posts, your page can be seen by potential customers and employers.

The popularity of some of the channels stems from the fact that they are constantly read not only by designers but also by potential clients. We will continue exploring the growth of new and engaging Instagram accounts and be sure to share with you the ones that might be really worthy of attention.

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